Please click the banner above to give a one-time gift, a recurring gift, or to make a special offering! This is a great way to continue to be involved in the church's mission when you cannot be here on Sunday. Below there are two videos you can watch to learn more about our online giving, how to set it up, and how to make donations. Thank you for your contributions at FPC!

Text to Give is Here!

You can now text 888-820-7738 to give your contributions once you have set up an account through SecureGive. All you have to do is type the dollar amount you want to contribute (10) and hit send, this will transfer the money from the account you set up the first time to the Church for the general fund. Other options are available with keywords such as: pledge, noisy, or deacons. Enter: “pledge 5” to contribute $5.00, or change the word “pledge” to “noisy” or “deacons”, etc. You do not have to type the “$”. In the coming year there will be other funds you can contribute to and that information will be given to you as it becomes available.


To learn how to set up an account with our online giving, watch this video:



To learn how to make different types of donations, watch this video: