Lent Photo Challenge

Daily from 02/14/2018 to 04/01/2018

Lent Photo A Day Challenge:

Lent is a season of preparation & repentance during which we anticipate the death (Good Friday)  and resurrection (Easter Sunday) of Jesus. Our theme this year is “Road to Jerusalem.” As we travel the road to Jerusalem on our Lenten journey, we are asking you to show how you're walking in love during Lent using the hashtag #fpcwalkinlove.

If you purchased our Walk In Love shirts from Rush Hour Clothing Company, we encourage you to start wearing them on Ash Wednesday and then frequently throughout the Lenten season.

We challenge you to use the words below as inspiration for your photos each day. We want to see how these words incorporate in Lent, in you, and in our community. Get creative: take a photo at home, while you're volunteering, at school, or wherever you walk in love! Post your photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #fpcwalkinlove

Feb 14-love

Feb 15-joy

Feb 16-peace

Feb 17-patience

Feb 18-kindness

Feb 19-generosity

Feb 20-faithfulness

Feb 21-gentleness

Feb 22-self-control

Feb 23-wonder

Feb 24-light

Feb 25-journey

Feb 26-new

Feb 27-forgiveness

Feb 28-grace

Mar 1-compassion

Mar 2-surprise

Mar 3-shine

Mar 4-healing

Mar 5-hidden

Mar 6-everlasting

Mar 7-appreciate

Mar 8-engage

Mar 9-pay it forward

Mar 10-pray

Mar 11-tree

Mar 12-write

Mar 13-fast

Mar 14-simple

Mar 15-compliment

Mar 16-transformation


Mar 17-freedom

Mar 18-anointed

Mar 19-justice

Mar 20-mercy

Mar 21-humility

Mar 22-worship

Mar 23-suffering

Mar 24-death

Mar 25-save

Mar 26-passion

Mar 27-clean

Mar 28-hope

Mar 29-feed

Mar 30-broken

Mar 31-sacrifice

April 1-risen

Holy Week Schedule:

Maundy Thursday- March 29: 7:00pm (Sanctuary)

Good Friday- March 30: 7:00pm (Sanctuary)

Easter Sunday- April 1: 6:30am (North Lawn Cemetery), 8:45am (Sanctuary), 11:00am (CLC)