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Andrea's Community Story

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My involvement with the Fort Dodge Community Schools (FDCS) Foundation began almost eight years ago, but even before that, I was a public school teacher. Public schools are a very important part of my Christian belief system. Our kids need to be around all people rather than sequestered with only Christians with similar beliefs. We are strong enough to have discussions and reach out to those that are different from us. Jesus didn’t surround himself with only those that believed, and neither should we. Public schools are for everyone and are an opportunity to spread love and kindness while preparing kids for the world. It’s wonderful that so many of our church members are teaching or working in the public school system and there are a number of members that serve on the FDCS Foundation.


The mission of the FDCS Foundation is to help students and educators go above and beyond what district funding allows by providing grants for technology, professional development and other educational items. We raise and manage funds to enhance the public schools through private and business donations and hold an annual fundraiser – Go Big, Go Dodgers. I have served as the president of FDCS Foundation for the last few years and have had the pleasure of fulfilling around 50 grants. Those are 50 programs in our schools that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to be implemented. We also work with the schools on Miles of Pennies and various other programs. Miles of Pennies helps teach kids that they can make a big difference if they work together and that it feels good to give. We focus on making our public schools the best that they can be.

If you would like to get involved in this mission – whether you’re interested in serving on the board in the future or you’d like to give in another way, contact FDCS Foundation Director Molly Nelson at (515) 574-5327 or or talk to me. I love to talk about our wonderful public schools with people. You can also check out our website: .