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Austin's Update 10/17

Posted by Austin Hill on

Over the past six months we’ve had the pleasure of sharing various ways that our program staff members are experiencing God’s presence in community. These stories have taken us inside local schools, and to other various places in town. Now it’s your turn.

Starting with this month’s newsletter, we will feature stories from the rest of the church about how they experience God in their work in the community. These stories will be very different each month as people explain how they connect their faith and their experiences in the community. Some will share about how their faith influences their work, while others will share of experiences in community service. Some will share of specific events that had impact while others will describe how their faith has impacted their work over time.

These monthly articles come out of two convictions:

  1. God is calling us to be at work outside the walls of the church, in our local setting. The primary work of the church is done outside the walls of the church – in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces, in service clubs, and in our social interactions. We want to highlight how this is happening in our church.
  2. The church is more about the people than the pastors. Jesus transformed the world with ordinary people. Sure, they did extraordinary things, but that’s the point. God wants to do extraordinary things through us ordinary people today. So we want to highlight how God is at work in the everyday life in hopes that each of us is empowered to see and experience God.

In the coming months, please consider how God is at work in your everyday life. Please also consider saying yes when we reach out to you for writing a short article in the future. We can’t wait to share with you the stories of people from our congregation and how God is working around them in the community.