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austin's update 10/19

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You’ve probably heard by now that I had the privilege to participate in the Fort Dodge version of Dancing with the Stars. You’ve probably also heard that I’m not a gifted dancer.

I have to admit that during the repeated practice sessions, there were times when I asked myself, “Why did I say yes to this? There were certainly times when I felt like I was in over my head.

To my surprise, the event was a ton of fun! I met many new people, learned a new life skill, helped support a local cause, and made some great memories.

In this last week’s sermon, we studied Philippians 2. In verses 29 and 30, Paul describes a friend in the faith, Epaphroditus, who “risked his life for the work of Christ.” The Greek word Paul uses for “risked” carries a notion of gambling with it. It’s as if Paul is saying Epaphroditus gambled his life for the work of Christ.

Granted, in no way was I gambling my life for Christ this last weekend as I was dancing. But it made me think of Epaphroditus. Where are you willing to gamble on behalf of Christ?


Austin D. Hill

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