First Presbyterian Church Fort Dodge


Austin's Update 11/13

Posted by Austin Hill on

As you hear the news each day, controversy, violence, and disagreement seems to be the norm. In just a few weeks, we have an opportunity to go against the stream. For our Thanksgiving Eve service on Wednesday, November 22, we’re going to do something a little different.

Over the past few months I’ve been in conversation with some of our local pastors about what the church can do in time when there is so much division. In these conversations, we pastors share a conviction that the church speaks a bold message of unity. We believe that God calls us to stand together and support one another and the community to which we’ve been called.

To that end, our Thanksgiving Eve service will be one that celebrates our unity in diversity. From the earliest Thanksgiving in our country, people have come together from various backgrounds to give God thanks for God’s steadfast provision. We will do the same thing in our service this year.

I have reached out to a few of these pastors and they will be participating in the leadership of this service along with Sara and me. You will also likely see some people from other local churches worshiping with us.

We’ll be worshiping in the Christian Life Center at 7pm on the 22nd, and I would love to see you there. It will be a great time to give God thanks, and to make Jesus’ prayer in John 17 a reality. Let’s come together in unity and thanksgiving, letting the world know we are Christians by our love for our town and for one another. I hope to see you there!