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austin's update 12/1

Posted by Austin Hill on

In January, we are beginning a new worship experiment. From January 10 through May 22, we are creating a Sunday evening worship experience called “crew.”

God is leading every one of us on a journey; God has invited us to join with him in his movement in the world. Like a crew on a voyage, we all play a part in God’s plans, and none of us have arrived yet. Crew will be a Sunday evening experience where we join together to empower one another to live more passionately for Jesus, joining in what God’s up to all around us.

Let me give you a bit of a details. We’ll be meeting at 7:15pm in the commons, going until about 8:30 on most Sundays. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. There’s no dress code, and we’ll typically have some snacks and beverages available. Childcare will be available upon request to the church office.

Every week will look different as we are seeking to create a community that feels free to worship God in a variety of styles, and even places. Some weeks will include formal teaching, while other weeks will incorporate more dialogue, discussion, reflection, and other activities.

Our desire is to foster a comfortable atmosphere where people can come together with respect for one another and authenticity to freely worship and serve God. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will be equipped and sent out to live our faith in a variety of ways each Sunday night. Crew will be a down-to-earth experience where people are able to be open and real with one another.

All of our program staff will be involved in crew to varying levels, but we are also looking for people who interested in volunteering alongside us. If you have any passion for music, the arts, food, various types of prayer, or hospitality, please contact Libby at . We would love to have you partnering with us in this new endeavor.

To reiterate, people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to crew. Although, I have to admit that the experience will feel quite different from either Sunday morning service. So come with an open heart to what God will be doing in you. I’m excited to see you there!

Austin D. Hill