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austin's update 2/7

Posted by Austin Hill on

I am writing this newsletter article at the eleventh hour. I generally try not to procrastinate, but I am rewriting my newsletter article because a few trusted people told my that my first article was too political. One of the three pastors I shared it with thought I should post it. Also, one brother thought I should post it, while another brother did not.


You have undoubtedly been seeing significant heated discussion about politics, religion, and ethics lately. It seems we can't escape it - Facebook, the news, Broadway musicals, and even your church newsletter.


Here is the conundrum: Does one abdicate their Christian responsibility to use the platform they've been given by saying nothing? Or does one simply contribute to the frustration, fear and anger that is so present on both sides of all the issues by offering their interpretation of the events?


When we are already so inundated by opinions, arguments, and counterarguments how does anybody process this, engage new ideas, and ultimately decide what they feel God is calling them to do? And how do we do this together, in community, when even the naming of specific people or issues triggers a powerful response? Does the Gospel really have complete authority over us, or are there certain beliefs we cannot subjugate to the will of God and the leading of the Spirit?


I don't want this article to simply add to the noise, to be a clanging cymbal, using Paul's words. So I'm not going to tell you what to do. Instead I'll end with one more question: are you listening or clanging?



Austin D. Hill