First Presbyterian Church Fort Dodge


Austin's Update 5/16

Posted by Austin Hill on

We have some exciting news for the month of July! Mark your calendars for each Sunday, starting on July 1st. We are going to have one Sunday morning worship service for the month of July. We’ll be meeting at 10am each week, worshiping in the sanctuary each Sunday. On that last Sunday of the month, July 29th, we’ll worship all together in the Christian Life Center at 10am.

We are having this joint worship experience for two primary reasons: 1. We want to encourage people to worship together who maybe don’t often get to do so. One of the greatest strengths of our church is the diversity of its members. When young and old, rich and poor, seasoned member and new member all worship together and celebrate the sacraments, we learn more about one another and about God’s love that transforms us. This month will be a great opportunity to meet new people in the church and reestablish old friendships.

The second reason for this worship experience is that during this month of July, we are updating the worship space in the CLC. We will be updating the CLC stage and providing more opportunities for a variety of lighting situations. These enhancements will help our CLC truly be a multi-purpose space, creating ideal environments for meals, social gatherings, children’s programs, and engaging worship services.

On the last Sunday of July, the 29th, we will worship in the CLC after these updates have been completed, celebrating the work that has been done. Please join with me in spreading the word that we’ll all be worshiping together during the month of July at 10am.


Austin D. Hill