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austin's update 8/16

Posted by Austin Hill on

            In our liturgy we use in worship services marking significant life events, we sometimes use the phrase, “Without God’s grace, no promise is sure.” Indeed, there is much uncertainty in life. One of the only things for which we can be certain is that this life on earth will eventually end.

             Recently, I was surprised by an unexpected gift to our church. We received roughly $1000 from a life insurance plan that had been left to our church. A church member who passed away in recent memory made arrangements for a portion of their policy to be sent to the church.

            This generous gift went toward our regular operating expenses to support the ongoing ministry of our church. As many people travel during the summer time, our giving tends to be lower than in other parts of the year, so this gift came to the church at the perfect time.

            As I think about the worship service this last week, we celebrated over 12 years of faithful ministry by Bien and Marienela Acosta, we welcomed seven new members to our church, two parents publically committed to raising their child in the faith, and we worshipped God with beautiful Caribbean renditions of classic songs and hymns. It was a beautiful day, where we saw evidence of God at work in our midst.

            It fills me with joy to consider the ministry that happened this last week and how this church member continued to faithfully support it, even in their passing.

            As a pastor, I have the unique privilege to walk with people during some of the happiest and most difficult moments of their lives. This has given me a unique perspective as well. It has caused me to consider my own will, my own funeral arrangements, and whether or not I have my finances prepared. I invite you to consider the same things. Have you thought about how you can make an impact, not only with your life, but also with your death?



Austin D. Hill