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Lessons from the Garden: Risks

Posted by Sara Hill on

BE WILLING TO TAKE RISKS & EXPERIMENT ~ Now that another gardening season is upon us, I am learning new lessons from the garden. The first lesson I’ve learned is “be willing to experiment.” Karen Johnson gave me some gardening books and in one of them, a master gardener suggested planting milk jugs. Milk jugs? Yes. The gardener said these are called jersey wells. When you punch holes in the bottom of the milk jug and then bury the jug you can then fill up the jug with water which will slowly and deeply water your beds.

It made sense, so KidZone provided me with some milk jugs that I buried in the ground last week. With gardening, and with life, you need to be willing to experiment. One of our key guidelines for pursuing our new mission and vision is “willingness to risk and experiment.” How could you risk and experiment in your daily life? A new morning routine? A new way of approaching tasks at work? A new way of volunteering in our community? Let’s together engage in God-ordained risks for the sake of the Kingdom through experimentation in trying new ways to address changes taking place. I’ve planted milk jugs, and I’m ready to experiment some more. ❤️