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Sara's Update 10/17

Posted by Sara Hill on

Our gardening has come to an end for the season. We were able to give away produce to the Lord’s Cupboard, Beacon of Hope men’s shelter and Gateway to Discovery women’s recovery home. We also had produce to share with some of our church members and the KidZone kids. One time this summer, I cut up 4 cucumbers to bring to a session meeting. I put them on a plate with a small bowl of ranch. As I walked out of the kitchen I noticed the school-age children in the CLC. I asked if any of them would like a cucumber, thinking most would turn up their noses. I was wrong! In a matter of about 5 minutes they had eaten most of the cucumbers on the plate. Inhaled might be a better word. I needed to cut up 2 more cucumbers for the session meeting that evening. People young and old were nourished by our produce over the last 4 months.


While we didn’t have as much produce as I had imagined, in terms of volume, it was a great first season. We learned what grows well and what doesn’t, and will make a few changes for next year’s garden. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be the “Master Gardeners” for a week this summer. I can’t wait to dream up plans for our 2018 garden and then get planting after the ground has thawed.