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sara's update 11/3

Posted by Sara Hill on

During our Sunday night adult study called “Breathe” we have looked at making room for Sabbath in our lives. Pricilla Shirer’s teaching is phenomenal and I have learned so much from this study. I know the people attending would say the same thing. This week, Pricilla told us a quote that I resonated with. “We have made an idol of our exhaustion.”

I believe that our culture truly has made an idol of exhaustion. People say, “I’m so tired!” with a hint of pride. “Oh, I’m just so busy,” they reply when someone asks how they are doing.

We, as followers of Christ, can be different. Austin’s sermon this past Sunday reminded us that we are citizens of heaven. We are called to follow a different way of life. A way of life not marked by exhaustion, and certainly not marked by idolizing that exhaustion. Anything that takes the place of Christ in our life is an idol, so when our exhaustion leaves us too busy to pray, too tired to come to worship, and too drained to read Scripture, it’s an idol.

This week, resist the urge to continue in the rat race. Clear some space in your life to rest and be rejuvenated by the Lord. Be still and know that God is God.

See you in worship!


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