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Sara's Update 1/15

Posted by Sara Hill on

My role as Moderator of the Presbytery keeps me busy! On January 8th the Presbytery called a special meeting to examine two candidates for ordination. Janelle Groteluschen was the elder commissioner from our congregation. Ms. Erin Marth from Eden Presbyterian Church in Rudd, was unanimously approved for ordination. She will serve a congregation in Macomb, IL, beginning in February. We also examined Mr. Charlie Flick, from Northminster Presbyterian Church in Ames, and he was unanimously approved to be commissioned as a lay pastor to serve the First Presbyterian Church in Albion, IA. He begins his work immediately. Charlie went through our Presbytery’s excellent Lay Academy program.

Erin’s ordination took place in Rudd on Saturday, January 13th, and I led the ordination portion of the worship service. It was wonderful to be able to participate in the ordination of another young clergywoman. Charlie’s commissioning service will take place in the near future. I continue to participate in conversations about an All-Iowa Presbytery and attended a productive 24-hour retreat with representatives from all 6 presbyteries that have churches in Iowa. The retreat was at First Presbyterian Church in Perry, and it was a treat to have our accommodations be at the Hotel Pattee. What a treasure that hotel is!