First Presbyterian Church Fort Dodge


Sara's Update 12-13-18

Posted by Sara Hill on

Dear friends,

We have an advent wreath on our kitchen table that we light every time we sit down for a meal during advent. I also have a devotional book that we try to read each evening, to help us focus. This helps us ponder different aspects of the Christmas narrative. Sometimes throughout the month our kids are impatient. “Can’t we just light all of the candles?” Don’t we all want to rush through December at one point or another? 

Since we can’t fast-forward time, we must faithfully walk through each day until we can celebrate the birth of Christ once again. Some days will seem longer than others, even as our days get shorter. We might feel like we are running through one day and trudging through the next.

My encouragement to each of us is to take a few moments each day in this season to pause and be still. Let the wonder of the birth narrative wash over you again. Ponder the meaning of each candle (hope, peace, joy, love). In this way, we can make room for the Christ child to enter our hearts and encourage our spirits with his love and grace.

Merry Christmas and happy new year,

Pastor Sara