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sara's update 12/13

Posted by Sara Hill on

I recently read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. The last chapter is so funny as the children assemble for what will be a memorable Christmas performance. Little Gladys has been cast as the angel Gabriel, and she is excited to speak her lines. Here came Gladys, “from behind the angel choir, pushing people out of the way and stepping on everyone’s feet. Since Gladys was the only one in the pageant who had anything to say she made the most of it. Hey! Unto you a child is born!! She hollered, as if it was, for sure, the best news in the world.”

It makes me smile to think of little Gladys shouting this good news, trying to get everyone’s attention. “Hey you!” Sometimes I need someone to almost shout at me, though. To wake me from my daily living that can become almost rote. I need a fresh dose of this good news that Christ came to save me. What good news this is. That God came to save each of us and to give us a new life in Christ.

If you need a reminder, consider Gladys’ words your reminder: Hey! Unto you a child is born!! What wonderful news. Let this good news sink into your heart as we enter this last week of Advent and anticipate Christmastide.


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