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sara's update 12/15

Posted by Sara Hill on

This 3rd week of Advent is the week of joy! The beginning of a joy-filled life begins with giving thanks. Giving thanks is an invitation to slow down and fully enter time and see the world around us. An example from my own life: When I slow down in the evening, after dinner and before the kids’ bath time, I fully enter into that moment and see the world around me. I see my daughter “mothering” her little brother. I hear my son’s adorable giggle as he sees his sister do something funny. I feel the weight of their arms around my neck and lips on my cheek as they hug and kiss me. In these moments I give thanks to God and find joy.
By slowing down and giving thanks, it’s the only way to ensure life doesn’t pass us by. This is the beginning of joy. The greek word for “he gave thanks” is eucharisteo. In this Greek word, we find charis the word for grace, and chara the word for joy. Our joy and the grace of God are wrapped up in our giving thanks. This week, pause at different moments throughout the day to fully enter into time and give thanks. In this, may you feel the deep and abundant joy of Jesus all around you.

See you in worship!