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Sara's Update 6/19

Posted by Sara Hill on

We learned a lot during our first season of gardening last year. We learned that growing pumpkins wasn’t the best use of our limited space. We also learned that while it was fun to grow a variety of herbs, it wasn’t very practical to pick, clean, chop, and store all of those herbs. We also learned what went well: the kids loved picking beans and carrots, and the cucumbers grew well, too.

This year, we took what we learned and went from there. We dedicated twice as much space to the beans and carrots and planted twice as many cucumber plants as last year. These are easy to pick and easy to share. More people know what to do with green beans than, say, mint leaves.

This reminds me that in life, we need to know where are strengths lie and then stick to them. Very few people excel at everything. Most of us know that we have a few things we do well and other things we don’t do as well. So, I’d encourage you to stick to what you know. God will use your strengths for the kingdom and for his glory. Let’s not get caught up in our weaknesses. Maybe tackle them one at a time and, who knows; with time you might them into strengths.