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Sara's Update 7/18

Posted by Sara Hill on

As I did a yoga-type stretching video the other month, something the instructor said caught me off guard. Of course he was talking about stretching, but his advice it can be applied to any situation in life. He said, “The stretch needs to feel right. These poses may not even feel good to you, but they should always feel right to you, and that’s a big difference. It hurts when you get deep body work done (like a deep tissue massage), but it feels right. this is the same thing. Right now you are deeply stretching your body. It needs to be challenging.”


Doing the right thing will often feel challenging. Goodness even eating healthy or exercising is challenging! What you’re doing might hurt a little bit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right. Where do you need to stretch in your life, knowing it is the right thing? What do you need to do that is challenging, but right? Is it a conversation you need to have, or an opportunity you need to say “yes” or “no” to? Ponder it this week as you always seek to do the right thing even when it’s challenging.