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Sara's Update 8-28-19

Posted by Sara Hill on

Hi Friends –

For the past 4 years! I have served on a task force that prayed and discerned how Presbyterians all across Iowa could become more connectional, to continue to provide a Presbyterian witness in the decades to come. After much discussion, the task force will present a Joint Presbytery Staffing plan to the Presbytery of North Central Iowa (where we are located), the Presbytery of Des Moines, and the Presbytery of Prospect Hill. If voted on favorable by all 3 Presbyteries, we would share 5 full time staff who would support and lead all 3 Presbyteries.

The full-time staff would include:

An ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament to serve as our Mission Executive. This person will focus on mission engagement in the state, presbyteries and communities.

An ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament to serve as our Administrative Executive. This person will serve as Stated Clerk to all three presbyteries and as the Head of Staff.

An Office Administrator: Supporting the work of committees, Stated Clerk office, and being pint of contact for calls from congregations. Support for Administrative Executive.

A Program and Communications Administrator: This position will be a ½ time program support. The other half would be spent on communications that connect and communicate with the Iowa Presbyterians. This person will make sure stories are shared from every presbytery.

If you would like to read the Joint Presbytery Staffing Plan in its entirety, please contact me. Please keep the Presbyteries in your prayers as we vote on this in the coming weeks. Pray for God to continue to lead us as we seek to be faithful.

See you in worship,