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Sara's Update 9-16-18

Posted by Sara Hill on

It was a joy to hand out Bibles to our 3-year-olds and 3rd graders in August. I loved seeing the excitement on their faces when they received their Bibles. I want to let you in on a little secret. Ready? Illustrated children’s Bibles and Adventure Bibles for teens and tweens don’t have to just be for kids! Especially if you didn’t grow up going to church and Sunday School regularly, reading illustrated children’s Bibles with your kids and grandkids can be an amazing way to hear the overall story of Scripture. You become familiar with names in the Bible like Moses, Noah, Ruth, Queen Esther, King David, John the Baptist. Lots of details are left out of the children’s Bibles and you’re left with just the meat. You could even read through the entire children’s Bible in 1-2 sittings by yourself which is a feat you definitely can’t accomplish with a “grown up” Bible. In the Adventure Bible, there are boxes with questions to think about and real-life applications that kids (and adults) can make to their everyday lives. Sometimes you need a children’s Bible or a teen Bible to help you get a better grasp on Scripture. Absolutely nothing is wrong with this! So, if you’re around kids regularly, why not read to them out of their children’s Bible? In this way, maybe God will help Scripture come alive for you in a new way. God will have you learn the stories of faith right alongside the child, and there’s nothing better than that! Happy reading!